How To Get Credit Card Of American Express?

Now, it does not take much time to grab credit card of AMEX, American Express. The process of applying and getting approval has become very easy and these processes get completed in no time at all. The service providers approve the application swiftly over the telephonic call or through mail service and online applications. But, hold on! Before you sit and sign up for the AMEX cards, you should be aware of the terms and conditions, reward system, fees and other related aspects of the firm and the services on accounting and credit cards. So, here we present important and necessary information about the process for credit cards of American Express


After each careful scrutiny in the matter of accounts and credits, you will have to fill a form to get the approval for credit cards of American Express. You will have to fill the right information in the application form and then revert or send it back to the given address via e-mail. Then you can go to the website of American Express credit cards through the weblink.

Also, you can apply only for credit cards of American Express. The process is very simple as you just have to go to the website (official) of the American Express. Then go to the “Get Started” link to proceed and select the type of card from the categories. Proceed to the next step by clicking “Apply Now” and complete the form (online). These processes should be done only when it is required and very carefully as these processes are not reversible.

The above registration process can be done over a phone call also. All you have to do is to pick your phone and dial the number, 1-800-223-2670 of the firm (U.S.). The call will directly put you with a representative of American Express. Proceed further by detailing the representative regarding your card type option and other related things. The customer care service is opened 24 X 7 throughout the year.

The second plan or the alternative will always help you out even when your card process gets stopped in the middle or couldn’t get approved. Just dial the number and talk to the representative to resolve your problem. They will provide a solution either by an alternative credit card or some other solutions.


After you are done with applying and approval steps, the final step is to activate the issued American Express credit card. It takes around 7 to 10 days to arrive after it is approved by the American Express firm.

The AMEX credit card is packed in a white envelope embedded with the logo of American Express and return address as Omaha, Nebraska. But in case, you found yourself unlucky and don’t receive such envelope within 10 days, then you could contact the customer care of AMEX through phone or online by the given link or you can read the complete guide on

Through hone or via online and following a few instructions, the card will get activated. For successful completion, you will have to provide your AMEX credit card number and, in a few minutes, it will get activated successfully.

Now, you can use your AMEX credit card for bills, daily expenses and other things with taking care of the limits, penalties, fees, rewards, offers and potentials as well of the card.
You can make an AMEX credit card profile on the website and keep a track of your expenses, rewards, information and other activities of the card.

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