American Express Activate Card Canada

People residing within Canada who have recently availed the American Express Card service from the bank can now utilize the American Express Activate Card Canada portal to activate the credit card that they own.

In this article, we will be talking in detail about the American Express Activate Card Canada platform.

About American Express (AMEX)

American Express or Amex is a financial services corporation with its headquarters located in New York, United States of America. Amex is a multinational corporation offering financial services in different countries around the world.

American Express credit cards are among the most popular services offered by the company accounting for over 22.9 percent of the total credit card dollar volume in the US.

American Express Activate Card Canada

American Express Activate Card Canada

The American Express Activate Card Canada is an online portal where Canadian customers of the American Express credit card service can activate their card.

Usually when you apply for an American Express credit card, the card is then sent to the address that you provide within the application form. Earlier, after receiving the credit card, you had to visit the nearest American Express branch to your location and get your credit card activated. This procedure ensures that your credit card is not used by any unauthorized person before reaching your hands.

Now that you know what the American Express Activate Card platform is, below are the steps you need to follow in order to activate your Amex credit card through the American Express Activate Card Canada platform.

  1. Click here to visit the official American Express Activate Card Canada website.
  2. When the web page loads completely, you will be able to see a virtual representation of an Amex credit card.
  3. Enter the 15-digit card number and 4-digit card ID associated with your Amex credit card within the spaces provided on the web page.
  4. Now, click on the “Confirm” button.
  5. Follow the on-screen procedures that appear on the screen to set up your Amex credit card.

And Its done. You have finished setting up your Amex credit card successfully.

Activate American Express Card Canada Through Phone Call

Amex recently launched the American Express Activate Card phone number which is the official Amex phone number you can dial to activate your Amex credit card. This means that instead of visiting the website of American Express Activate Card, you can also dial the American Express activate card phone number to set up your credit card.

If you wish to activate the Amex credit card over the phone call, then below are the steps to activate the American Express credit card by making a phone call.

  1. Using your phone, make a call to the American Express phone number at 1-800-869-3016.
  2. Once the call gets connected, listen instructions carefully and select the communication language.
  3. Now, provide your Amex credit card details as requested on the call.
  4. Follow any instructions .

You have now finished all the procedures to activate your American Express Canada credit card over a phone call.

American Express Contact Number?

Below are the American Express phone numbers for various services.

  • American Express Credit Card Phone Number: 1-800-528-4800.
  • American Express Credit Card Apply Phone Number: 1-800-243-3888.
  • American Express Pay A Bill Phone Number: 1-800-472-9297.
  • American Express Cash Advance Phone Number: 1-800-227-4669.
  • Amex Gift Card Phone Number: 1-877-297-4438.
  • Amex Prepaid Card Phone Number: 1-866-207-7970.

All the phone numbers of American Express mentioned above are available every day of the week. However, the working hours may vary.