Why American Express Card is Better than the Rest?

American Express card is one of the most reliable and rewarding credit card options in the market. They have some of the best offers and services for their customers which makes them a perfect choice. American Express credit card offers shopping benefits, cashback, rewards and more to their users. Read this article to find why choose the American Express card over the others.

Reasons Why American Express card is Better than Others

Amex cards provide tailor-made benefits to their users based on their expenses. It means if the customer loves to travel, they will find more rewards for traveling. There are tons of offers and cashback available for users once they start using their Amex card. one of the interesting benefits is dining credit which users receive when they pay with an Amex card in certain dining facilities. When users pay with their American Express credit card for dining, they receive credits after the end of every month which they can spend next time.

Most people use Amex cards while traveling because of their rewards and offers. When customers pay with an American Express credit card for certain hotels or resorts, they will get resort credit. This credit allows users to spend it on any resort activities such as dining, spa and others. Customers can find the resorts and hotel list from the americanexpress.com once users login with their credit card details.

The list of benefits doesn’t end here for travelers because Amex card offers free foreign transactions on their card. Most credit card companies charge a certain amount of percentages every time a customer uses their credit card in a foreign country. But Amex gold cards allow users to spend without paying any charges for transactions. This is one of the other reasons why American express cards are better than others. Amex card offers more benefits for traveling because they are associated with more traveling partner than any other company. Customers can get more points when they book a flight directly from amextravel.com.

American Express has more than 60 million card users in 160+ countries around the world. One of the key reasons is the Amex credit card welcome offers which provide a large number of discounts and cashback. These offers keep changing and adding more offers and benefits for the user when they use Amex cards. customers can earn up to 75000 rewards points in the first 6 months after spending $5000. They will receive better discounts and points on dining, supermarket, gas station and traveling. Once the initial 6-month offer is completed, users can still benefit from getting rewards every time they spend with American Express.

Amex card offers wide range benefits, offers, reward points and cashback, but what makes them special is protection and insurance for Customers. Users get extra rental car insurance every time they pay with an American Express credit card. This insurance covers any damage to rental cars and adds extra value after the original auto insurance. For customers who travel a lot know the feeling of lost baggage, but with an Amex card, users are covered with baggage insurance. For carry-on baggage, Amex offers up to $500 and for large baggage, they offer up to $1,250 insurance. 

American Express is one of the most popular credit card providers with more benefits and protection. Users can apply for an Amex card directly from the website and once they receive it, they confirm it on americanexpress.com/confirmcard portal. Once the Amex card is activated, users receive a welcome bonus and other benefits.


There are thousands of credit card providers in the market and it’s hard to decide which one is better. American Express credit card is one of the top credit card providers in the world with over 100 million active cards. In this article, we have provided information about why American express cards are better than others and why you need to choose Amex cards. If you have any questions regarding Amex card benefits, ask us in the comment section.


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